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Advice / Assistance

Whether for a new start or an existing project, you need advice and/or support in your project(s).

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A web project ?

You need your tools to be present on the web. Benefit from a ton of possibilities. Advice, support, structuring and implementation of projects and content. Recover your autonomy and remain independent.

A design ?

Whether it is for a logo, a brand, a visual identity, a graphic charter or any other project requiring a touch of creativity.

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  • Impression
  • Papeterie
  • Création
  • Office
  • Décoration
Your marketing products (print)

  1. Reseller rates (exclusive!)

  2. 1st price guaranteed on the eco range

  3. 1 delivery included

  4. Satisfied or refunded

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An illustration?

Do you have a story to tell ? Need an illustration for an event ? Research sketches ? A self-portrait of your chiwawa ?

Cheeese !

Whether you need a shooting session for your book, for your merchandising products, for an event, but especially for your memories, I will be your eye.

  • Concert
  • Évènementiel
  • Portrait
  • Life Style
  • Portrait de famille
  • Cuisine
Change your life with permaculture


  1. Understand the scope of permaculture applied to living together and flourishing

  2. Become aware of its richness (its 'abundance', its 'ecological niche', where you feel good, what you do with pleasure, ease, naturalness and enthusiasm)

  3. Asking your needs for yourself and others

  4. Reflect on your life and live it in order to fully express your 'abundance'.